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calcium carbonate rock

13 March 2018


Dolomite Carbonate Minerals Dolomite, CaMg (CO3)2, is common enough to be considered a rock-forming mineral. It is formed underground by alteration of calcite. Many deposits of […]
28 February 2018

Original Style Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles for all senses of style – this comprehensive collection includes a huge range of materials and options for all types of spaces. Mosaic tiles have […]
14 January 2018

Processing and production of industrial fillers based on calcium carbonate

UK calcium carbonates are a nationally significant source of raw materials. Commercial calcium carbonate grades, in the form of powders, granules and slurries, are produced in […]
8 January 2018

Calcium Carbonate – history

Uses of CaCO3 from prehistory to modern times history of calcium carbonate uses from prehistory to the middle ageshistory of calcium carbonate uses from the middle […]
13 September 2017

What is PCC – Precipitated Calcium Carbonate?

What is PCC — Precipitated Calcium Carbonate? PCC stands for Precipitated Calcium Carbonate—also known as purified, refined or synthetic calcium carbonate. It has the same chemical […]