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29 April 2018

What Is the Acid Test in Geology?

What Is the Acid Test in Geology? Calcite in Hydrochloric Acid Every serious field geologist carries a small bottle of 10 percent hydrochloric acid to perform […]
5 April 2018


Calcite (Calcium carbonate) Calcite, calcium carbonate or calcium is very common, which is formed as a rock quarry. Most of the carbon in calcite is stored […]
13 March 2018


Dolomite Carbonate Minerals Dolomite, CaMg (CO3)2, is common enough to be considered a rock-forming mineral. It is formed underground by alteration of calcite. Many deposits of […]
8 March 2018

Understanding Metamorphic Facies

As metamorphic rocks change under heat and pressure, their ingredients recombine into new minerals that are suited to the conditions. The concept of metamorphic facies is […]
28 February 2018

Original Style Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles for all senses of style – this comprehensive collection includes a huge range of materials and options for all types of spaces. Mosaic tiles have […]
14 February 2018

Mineral Trading in canada

Mineral Trading in canada Information Bulletin, 2016 (published in August 2017) Mineral Exports to Emerging Economies Grow; United States Remains Canada’s Largest Mineral Trading Partner Mineral […]
8 October 2017

Paving Stones

Paving stones provide some outstanding aesthetic benefits that make them very popular among property owners, landscaping contractors, and builders. These materials are used in different spots […]